The Fundamentals of Voice

3 modules



Course Length
60 mins


5 Apr 2018



Jumpstart your Twilio Voice app with learnings from this course. We will guide you through key Voice concepts, such as placing calls through an API request, working with TwiML responses, and the first steps for building an IVR or call forwarding flow on your number. This training is intended to serve as a foundation for your Twilio Voice knowledge and enable you to architect anything you can imagine.

Target Audience: Architects and developers

Please note that you will have 90 days of access to this training after purchasing. 


  • Twilio Voice Fundamentals

    • The Voice API

    • Different Voice Types

    • Using the API to Make a Call

    • The To Parameter

    • The From Parameter

    • The Url Parameter

    • Twilio Lookup

    • Common Voice Errors

    • Using TwiML

    • Features & Add-Ons

    • Different Ways to Implement Twilio Voice

      • Call Forwarding

      • Call IVR

    • API Explorer

    • Receiving Calls

    • Responding to Calls

    • International Calls

    • Voice Pricing


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Certificate of Completion - Fundamentals of Voice

The Fundamentals of Voice
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This is really easy and super way to make anyone understand API and Voice related technologies. This is Really helpful to me being a Cisco Voice Engineer
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