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Twilio's Programmable Voice has a suite of tools which can monitor network and call quality. We call this package Voice Insights. In this course, you will learn how Voice Insights works, be able to apply troubleshooting techniques using Voice Insights, examine and understand Insights advanced features and metrics, and analyze key events in the life cycle of a Twilio Client Call. Read More

In this course we will discuss basic customizations of the Flex UI. We will cover setting your own logo, modifying the color theme and styling custom React components. Read More

In this course we will introduce Flex troubleshooting techniques, some common issues we have seen in the wild and how to address them. Read More

In this Flexercise we will go through the process of creating a new Flex Account, do a walkthrough around the Flex UI and create a simple Flex plugin. Read More

In this course, you will learn how Partner Admin Center works, how to provision customers, examine usage and charges incurred by resold customers, and examine a consolidated invoice. Read More

In this course we will introduce Twilio Autopilot and we will demonstrate through series of hands on exercises how to build a currency exchange bot from scratch. Read More

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