Twilio Training

Learn how to add messaging, voice, video and authentication in your software with the programming language you already use.

The Console is a complete visual and functional tool providing easier access to manage your account as well as debug and operate your Twilio-based applications.  This course covers topics, such as how to:​ Find the support center and submit a ticket Access the debugger, logs and error code explanations Review the configuration settings for your numbers Buy a phone number and/or apply for short code Review billing settings such as adding payment methods, changing preferences and downloading invoices) Check your account usage Open a subaccount vs new project Manage and invite users to the project Obtain the account SID and authentication token   Read More

The Twilio Platform Fundamentals learning path will introduce you to the general principles of working with Twilio APIs and cover main Twilio products you need to know to build scalable robust applications on Twilio. We will cover the fundamentals of Messaging, Notify, Proxy, Voice, TaskRouter and how they work together. Select the Content tab above to view courses in the Twilio Platform Fundamentals learning path. Read More

Jumpstart your Twilio Voice app with learnings from this course. We will guide you through key Voice concepts, such as placing calls through an API request, working with TwiML responses, and the first steps for building an IVR or call forwarding flow on your number. This training is intended to serve as a foundation for your Twilio Voice knowledge and enable you to architect anything you can imagine. Target Audience: Architects and developers Please note that you will have 90 days of access to this training after purchasing.  Read More

If you plan on sending hundreds or more SMS per day, this course is for you. We will cover the unique challenges you'll face when developing a high-volume messaging app. We'll go over common telecom issues your app needs to safeguard against, such as nondelivery and segmentation. You'll also learn about Twilio features designed to support your high volume, such as our Messaging Services and CoPilot features. Target Audience: Architects, operations, developers, and product owners Please note that you will have 90 days of access to this training after purchasing.  Read More

Looking to secure logins or transactions that occur within your app? Look no further. In this course, you'll learn how Twilio's Account Security APIs work to protect your users. We'll cover the three different API endpoints you can use to set up phone verification or two-factor authentication. We'll be making sample requests along the way, and we will also reference an example 2FA application to illustrate how you can build your own flow. Target Audience: Architects and developers  Please note that you will have 90 days of access to this training after purchasing.  Read More

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