Twilio Training

Learn how to add messaging, voice, video and authentication in your software with the programming language you already use.

In this course we will introduce Short Codes, how they enable high volume messaging use cases, how to register and purchase a Short Code, and how to use them in your Twilio application. Read More

In this module we will discuss Twilio Messaging Services and how you can use them to create scalable Account Notifications Applications. Read More

In this module. we will show you how to use a Studio template to create a basic IVR phone menu. Read More

Both Twilio and our customers must adhere to local phone number regulations. In this module we will introduce International Number Regulations for Global Use Cases. Read More

Twilio Functions are a Node.js serverless environment for running your code from Twilio's infrastructure. In this course we will introduce Twilio Functions, describe how to use them and walk you through building a sample Function. Read More

Welcome to Twilio Flex Fundamentals. In this course we will discuss the core features of Twilio Flex and how you can utilize them to create a customized Contact Center experience. The areas that are covered are as follows: Introduction to Twilio Flex Twilio Flex functionality overview Twilio Studio Single Sign on integration Flex WFO Overview Read More

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