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Both Twilio and our customers must adhere to local phone number regulations. In this module we will introduce International Number Regulations for Global Use Cases. Read More

The Console is a complete visual and functional tool providing easier access to manage your account as well as debug and operate your Twilio-based applications.  This course covers topics, such as how to:​ Find the support center and submit a ticket Access the debugger, logs and error code explanations Review the configuration settings for your numbers Buy a phone number and/or apply for short code Review billing settings such as adding payment methods, changing preferences and downloading invoices) Check your account usage Open a subaccount vs new project Manage and invite users to the project Obtain the account SID and authentication token   Read More

The Twilio Platform Fundamentals learning path will introduce you to the general principles of working with Twilio APIs and cover main Twilio products you need to know to build scalable robust applications on Twilio. We will cover the fundamentals of Messaging, Notify, Proxy, Voice, TaskRouter and how they work together. Select the Content tab above to view courses in the Twilio Platform Fundamentals learning path. Read More

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