The Fundamentals of Messaging at Scale

3 modules



Course Length
2 hours


05 Apr 2018



If you plan on sending hundreds or more SMS per day, this course is for you. We will cover the unique challenges you'll face when developing a high-volume messaging app. We'll go over common telecom issues your app needs to safeguard against, such as nondelivery and segmentation. You'll also learn about Twilio features designed to support your high volume, such as our Messaging Services and CoPilot features.

Target Audience: Architects, operations, developers, and product owners

Please note that you will have 90 days of access to this training after purchasing. 


  • Messaging Fundamentals

    • The /Messages resource

    • The To parameter

    • The From Parameter

      • Shortcodes

      • Longcodes

      • Alphanumeric Sender ID

    • The Body parameter: encoding and concatenation

      • Unicode vs GSM

      • Character limits for these different types of messages

    • Message delivery statuses

    • Messaging errors

    • Receiving messages with Twilio

  • Scale with features

    • Messaging service fundamentals

    • Copilot

      • Sticky sender

      • Scaler

      • Geomatch

      • Shortcode reroute

      • Alpha Sender ID

      • Fallback to longcode

      • Intelligent sumber selection

      • Content intelligence

      • Validity period

      • MMS converter

    • Number pools

    • Messaging services best practices

  • Advanced use cases and skills

    • High Volume A2P Messaging: filtering, queuing, and threading

      • Steps to avoid carrier filtering

      • How to know when and why you are being filtered

    • Maximizing Efficiency

    • Sending MMS

      • MMS Converter

    • International Messaging

      • Country specific nuances

    • Anonymous Communication

    • Conversation Tracking

    • Controlling Pricing

      • Max Price feature

      • Smart encoding

      • Looping prevention

    • Data Security

      • Redaction

    • Troubleshooting Messaging Issues

    • Lookups

    • The Feedback API

    • Generating SMS logs


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Certificate of Completion - Messaging at Scale

The Fundamentals of Messaging at Scale
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